Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stuff You Grow Yourself Always Tastes Good!

I noticed today that I had three more tomatoes that were ripe and ready to eat :)  I had already used a few tomatoes recently when I made a caprese salad, and I decided I would make some BLTs for a quick dinner tonight.  I always get super excited when I'm able to use stuff that I grew myself....I just feel like it tastes better than if I had bought the ingredients at the grocery store.  I was also excited because my first gold tomato was ripe and ready.  Aren't these gorgeous?!

Living in Chicago, outdoor space comes at a premium so I just have a small container garden out on my deck.  I have two red tomato plants (they're a patio variety so that the plant stays small and contained in their pots):

I also have one gold tomato plant (and they're also the small, patio variety).  I've never grown gold tomatoes before, but I figured they would look pretty when I used a combination of red and gold together.  You can't really see many of the tomatoes in my picture because this plant is a little bit behind the other two:

I also have a few other pots growing.  Pictured below are my basil, italian parsley, and jalapeno plant (I need to start looking for some good recipes to make sure none of this great stuff goes to waste!).  I also have mint (for mojitos!), chives, and a red pepper plant growing (not pictured).

Even though these aren't edible, I had to throw in a quick picture of one of my beautiful flower planters!  These are growing like crazy and make our deck feel very summery and homey :)

Overall, I'm really happy with how my deck garden turned out this year!  It's not huge, but it's the perfect amount of space for a table & chair set, Kevin's grill & smoker, and my little garden.

Anyways, these BLTs were really good, and I served them with a little fruit on the side.  Make sure to salt and pepper your tomatoes!  I will be making many more tomato recipes in the near future.

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