Friday, July 2, 2010

Grilled Corn with Cilantro Lime Butter

This is another grilled side dish that we will be making a ton this summer.  The deliciousness of this recipe completely depends on the deliciousness of the corn you buy, but usually it should be pretty good in the summertime. 

I was growing cilantro out on our deck, but after I started picking stuff off of it it ended up growing all weird so I threw it out.  The cilantro lime butter was delicious, but since I don't have it right out on our deck I will probably use another herb most of the time when we make this unless I buy cilantro for another recipe.  I think that chive butter sounds good so I will probably do that next time.  Anyways, if you haven't grilled corn already, try this out - it's super easy and cheap and you can either make one or two ears per person, depending on how much you like corn.


4 medium ears of sweet corn, with the silk and husks removed (or however many you want to make)
1/2 stick of butter, at room temparature (about a tablespoon for each ear of corn you have)
2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
Juice from half of a lime
Salt & pepper, to taste


Mix together the butter, cilantro, lime juice, and a little bit of salt & pepper.  Smear the butter mixture all over each ear of corn and wrap in foil. 

Grill over medium heat for about 30 minutes, turning occasionally. 

The possibilities for flavored butter to go with the grilled corn is endless!  Now I just need to buy some of those corn holder things that you stick in each end so that it's not so messy when we eat this :)

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