Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weeknight Dinners From Last Week

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to keep track of my meals so that I could look back on them while I'm doing my meal planning. Here are a couple meals that I made last week that don't really have actual recipes.

One night we had mini cheeseburgers which were pretty good. I just seasoned up some ground beef and made some small patties to fit on the dinner rolls that I bought. I cooked them on the stovetop, added some cheese and ketchup, and had a really quick weeknight meal:

I had some twice baked potatoes in the freezer that I made awhile back so another night we decided to pair those with some filets (that my husband seasoned up and cooked on the grill) and some cheesy texas toast. We were lucky enough to already have these filets in the freezer because every year my parents buy meat from a local farmer, and they are nice enough to share a lot of that meat with us :)

I had a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer so one night for dinner I defrosted those and pounded the meat out thin. I cooked by first seasoning with salt and pepper, dredging in seasoned flour, dipping in an egg mixture, and finally dipping in seasoned italian bread crumbs. I then fried those up and served the breaded chicken with mac & cheese and leftover dinner rolls from the mini cheeseburgers.

Last but not least, we made some bratwurst which was sooooo delicious! My parents live in Kansas City (where I am originally from) and there is some place close to where my dad goes fishing that sells really good flavored bratwurst. He got us these apple flavored bratwursts so my husband grilled these up and we served on toasted sausage rolls with a little bit of honey mustard and some red onions that we sauteed and softened on the stove. The picture doesn't do it justice, but they were REALLY good! We've also had pineapple bratwurst and cheddar jalepeno bratwurst, and we are looking forward to trying more flavors.

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