Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steamed King Crab Legs - Our Christmas Dinner

For Christmas this year, we stayed in Chicago and celebrated with Kevin's mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve (I think there were 30-40 people there and they made tons of beef tenderloin and cold water lobster good!).  Kevin's dad's side decided to celebrate in January so we ended up with just the two of us on Christmas day.

We started the morning off with a nice breakfast of bananas foster waffles, and then we headed to Navy Pier to see Avatar in Imax 3-D.  The movie was really cool, and I hope all movies move towards being in 3-D :)  Anyways, after that we just had a relaxing afternoon, and then we had king crab legs for our Christmas dinner.

King crab legs are probably my favorite seafood to eat.  They're a little pricey so we can't have them all of the time, but they are perfect for a special occasion dinner.  King crab legs are super easy to me, you can't mess these up.  You don't need a recipe for these, but here's how I prepare mine:


king crab legs, thawed (I think 1 pound to 1 1/2 pounds per person is recommended - we always go on the upper end so that we have a little leftover for crabcakes or crab rangoon so I bought a little over 3 pounds)
a tablespoon or so of Old Bay seasoning
butter, for dipping (I melted a stick of butter)
a lemon (optional - to squeeze over the crab meat)


In a large stock pot, bring about 2 inches of water mixed with your old bay seasoning to a boil.

Put your crab legs in the pot, cover with a lid, and steam for 8 to 10 minutes (until warmed through), then drain the water out of the bottom of the pot.

Serve crab legs with melted butter and lemon wedges, and make sure you have a few pairs of scissors to cut the shells off.

These crab legs were really good, and we served them with Lana's salad (which I substituted some feta cheese instead of cottage cheese and added some chopped apples) and some baked goat cheese (served with breadsticks).  I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

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